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Dog Health

Is CBD an Effective Treatment for Lyme Disease

CBD for Lyme Disease in Dogs

Summertime is the high season for insect-borne diseases. With the warmer weather, we are spending more time outdoors, among the tall grass that makes a happy home for all sorts... Read More

How to treat hot spots on dogs

Natural Solutions for Hot Spots on Dogs

When it comes to skin conditions, hot spots on dogs are some of the most common, yet challenging to deal with. They can appear seemingly out of nowhere and stick... Read More

How CBD Changed Their Life

CBD Success Stories: How CBD Changed Their Life

From decades of experience with animals on my rescue farm and grooming and boarding shops, I know first hand how CBD can change lives. I’ve helped hundreds of animals with... Read More

CBD For dogs with Cushing's Disease

CBD for Dogs with Cushing’s Disease

When something is going on with your pet, it can be overwhelming to figure out the issue. If you suspect your pet has Cushing’s Disease, or if your dog has... Read More

Insomnia in dogs

Dog Insomnia: Tips to Help a Restless Dog

If you think insomnia is solely a human issue, then you might be surprised to hear that it is not. Restless dogs can suffer from sleepless nights too, and dog... Read More

Eucalyptus oil for dogs Blog Featured Image with eucalyptus leaves, eucalyptus oil and mortar and pestle

Eucalyptus Oil for Dogs: Is it Safe?

Eucalyptus is more than just the main source of food for koalas, it’s a powerhouse plant loaded with amazing compounds that have many healing properties that can benefit your pet.... Read More

Nina Osteosarcoma Update - How I Kept My Dog's Cancer From Spreading - Blog Featured Image

CBD for Osteosarcoma in Dogs: Nina’s Story

Update: Check out my most recent Nina update in May 2022!  April 2020 is when Nina first started to limp, and by May she had developed a noticeable tumor on... Read More

Can CBD Help Dogs with Dementia

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction: Dementia in Dogs

When your dog enters their senior years, you may notice a change in their behavior. It can be tough to spot at first, but if your senior dog is showing... Read More

Healing Miss Daisie tumor Before After CBD

How CBD Helped Miss Daisie

It is no secret that I love animals. In fact, helping animals is my life, and every dog who passes through my door becomes family. With the combined wisdom and... Read More

Hoe CBD Helped Daisy's Pain, Yeast and Seizures

How CBD Helped Daisy’s Seizures, Pain and Yeast

When Daisy joined us on my rescue farm, Fire Flake Farm, she couldn’t walk due to arthritis pain, was having up to 3 grand mal seizures a day, and had... Read More

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