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CBD For Cats

Introducing Our Cheif Veterinary Officer Dr. Zac

Introducing Our Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Zac Pilossoph!

We are so proud to announce the appointment of Dr. Zac Pilossoph, Fear-Free Certified DVM, CAVM, and CBD Professional, as the company’s new Chief Veterinary Officer! As the demand for... Read More

Is THC Safe For Pets

Is THC Safe For Pets?

In a word, yes. THC from cannabis is being used across therapeutic modalities at an ever increasing rate, and for good reason. With a long list of positive and effective... Read More

Sh!t happens

Does CBD Cause Diarrhea?

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about poop. As a pet parent, diarrhea is basically an inevitability. In clinical studies, mild diarrhea was the most commonly reported side... Read More

Finding the right product

Finding The Right Product with Bruce & Willys

In this week’s episode of “It’s A Dog’s Life,” we got the opportunity to sit down with Krysta and Jeff – owners of Bruce & Willys. When CBD Dog Health... Read More

The Steps To Feeding A Raw Diet

Raw Feeding Made Easy With RawStruck

I got the honor to meet the lovely Charlie and Larry of RawStruck. Charlie and Larry created this awareness platform to educate more people about the power of natural healing.... Read More

Finding Raw Answers

Finding Raw Answers With Billy Hoekman

Recently I did a podcast with Billy from Answers Pet Food where they produce amazing raw foods. He’s as passionate about pet health as you and I and he’s also... Read More

Hot to keep your pet safe from COVID 19

Updates & News: False CBD Press And Keeping Pets Safe From Coronavirus

I hope you’re home safe with your pets and enjoying some quiet time reading this blog today. We’ve just wrapped up our Healing Naturally tour and are safe back at... Read More

Is CBD Safe for Pets

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

CBD for pets is taking over. With hemp products legal across the United States, you can now find all kinds of CBD Oils, Edibles, Topicals, and many other CBD-infused products... Read More

holistic cat care with dr jean hofve

Holistic Cat Care with Dr. Hofve

Pet ownership comes with a variety of decisions. For example, it can be daunting to find the right diet and pet food for your dog or cat, especially when you... Read More

Is Declawing a Cat Harmless?

It can be incredibly frustrating when your cat continually scratches your furniture. And if you have ever walked past a sneaking, playful cat hiding under a bed or behind a... Read More

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