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My schnauzer is very reactive to storms and noises outside the house! Since he started using your CALM, his improvement has been been beyond expectation! He is calm during thunderstorms or barely feels reactive to those. Most of the time he might bark once but then he calms down. It really works! The quality of your product is great!

Anonymous Verified Buyer
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I cannot recommend this enough! My dog has separation anxiety that makes it tough to leave him alone. However, since I’ve started giving him this CALM oil, I’ve seen such a big improvement. I love that this has helped with his anxiety without changing his personality.

Marcy A. Verified Buyer
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My puppy has a visual impairment and because of that, she has extreme anxiety. Every noise freaks her out and she struggles to relax for even a minute. We started giving her the calm and it has been a game changer. She can relax and doesn’t jump and bark at every little sound. I highly recommend this especially if you have a dog with anxiety.

Anonymous Verified Buyer
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I am beyond thrilled about this product! My dog has severe thunderstorm anxiety, with full body shakes and shallow breathing. After about 2 months of giving it to him, he now comes to me when a storm is coming. No more shaking and the breathing is astronomically better! This has been such a godsend, too us and our boy! Thank you!

Kristina N. Verified Buyer
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This is our go-to for stressed and feral/almost feral dogs who come into rescue. It's been a godsend. When you feel the tap of a nose on your arm from a dog who previously hid from you, but is now walking up to you for affection, you're grateful for Calm.

Allison R. Verified Buyer
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