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CBD Dog Health Military Dogs

Some heroes wear camo, some wear collars

Veterans Day is when we honor and thank veterans for their service and sacrifice. Our servicemen and women make sacrifices every day, and right beside them are military dogs. Military... Read More

CBD Dog Health Cat

Press Release: CBD Dog Health Releases Cat Line at KittyCon in Tampa

CBD Dog Health released a new line of all-natural cat products at KittyCon in Tampa on Oct. 27. The cat-specific products unveiled at KittyCon, which mirror the company’s popular line... Read More

CBD For your pet at the groomer

How CBD Can Improve Pet Grooming

Whether you are a groomer or you take your pet to the groomer, there is one thing everyone can agree on: the more calm the pet, the better. Even more... Read More

CBD Dog Health Dog In Yard

Is Your Lawn Harming Your Dog? What You Need to Know

Would you deliberately spray Roundup all over your bedding and clothes? Of course you wouldn’t – but you may be doing essentially the same thing to your dog if you... Read More

How to safely use Apple Cider Vinegar for dogs

Safe Ways to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for your Dog

As a person who loves, trusts, and knows the benefits of holistic remedies, my kitchen is my pharmacy. No really, it is. I have long encouraged the use of turmeric for... Read More

CBD Dog Health Pet Travel

Traveling With Your Dog? You Might Need a Reliable CBD Supplier

If you and your pooch have plans to travel, you might want to consider how she might respond to a long – or even a short – flight. Human beings... Read More

CBD Dog Health Veterinarian

Do Vets Recommend CBD Oil? Yes – If You Find the Right CBD Supplier

If you have reservations about dosing your beloved pet with potentially toxic pharmaceuticals, then you may have done a bit of research on the medicinal benefits of CBD (Cannabidiol). However,... Read More

Colloidal Silver For Dogs

Using Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Unless you are tapped into the holistic health realm, you may not have heard much about colloidal silver. Or, you may know about the uses of colloidal silver for people,... Read More

CBD Dog Health Testimonial – Elissa, Chewie, and Rico

Chewie and Rico's mom found relief for her anxious pups with CBD Dog Health products. Read More

Angela and Prime at SuperZoo

  CBD Dog Health’s founder, Angela Ardolino, met the very sweet Prime at SuperZoo. Prime had painful paw-pads, but with the help of our salves, is able to run and... Read More

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