Integrating Complementary Medicine Into Veterinary Practice

In this episode of It’s a Dog’s Life, Angela Ardolino spoke with Dr. Bob Goldstein, founder of Earth Animal. Goldstein is the editor and an author of the textbook Integrating Complementary Medicine into Veterinary Practice published by Wiley Blackwell. This veterinary textbook introduces and familiarizes veterinarians with the terminology and procedures of complementary treatment modalities in a traditional clinical format that facilitates the easy integration of these methods into established veterinary practices.

Jolene the Mix-Breed

Jolene suffered from severe anxiety, including noise anxiety. When thunderstorms came, Jolene barked frantically and paced around, often causing the dogs around her to begin barking. Additionally, Jolene suffered from a large wart-like tumor on her back-left paw. She found it painful to walk on and was no longer able to run and play.