5 Ways to Help Your Dog Cope With Their Joint Pains

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5 Ways to Help Your Dog Cope With Their Joint Pains

There’s little more we wish for our dogs than for them to be fit, healthy, and happy. That’s why it’s particularly heart-wrenching to see when our pooches experience joint pain. While it seems like there’s little we can do to help, in fact, there’s quite a bit you can do to alleviate the pain! Below, […]

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CBD Dog Health Honored with Industry Recognition Award

CBD Dog Health is excited to announce that our all-natural salves have been distinguished by Pet Business Magazine and given the 2018 Industry Recognition Award for Dog Healthcare Products! Each year, Pet Business Magazine tests a variety of products and looks for products that are innovating and changing the pet industry. Pet Business takes into […]

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Why didn’t CBD work for my pet?

If you have given your pet CBD products and found yourself unsure if it is working, or how long it takes to work, you are not alone. In fact, although many dogs show changes right away, some dogs take a bit longer to feel the effects of CBD because endocannabinoid receptors are unique in each […]

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FDA Issues Recall for Several Dry Dog Food Brands

If you feed your pup dry dog food, you may need to take a look at your bag. On Jan. 15, 2019, the FDA issued a recall of the following dry dog foods and has advised that dogs consuming the effected foods are now suffering Vitamin D toxicity. Symptoms to look for in your pet […]

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Preventing Illness in Senior Dogs

Whether you are counting in dog years or human years, it can be hard for us to admit that our pets are aging. As your dog ages, they might become more susceptible to certain issues like cognitive dysfunction, hearing and vision issues, joint pain, allergies, and overall inflammation. Rather than rushing to fix a problem […]

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Why is third-party lab testing important?

With the recent passage of the Farm Bill, CBD and hemp companies seem to be popping up everywhere. As a consumer, this is both exciting and confusing – with the increase in options also comes an increase in misleading marketing practices. With the lack of federal regulation of CBD products, the hemp industry has had to […]


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Farm Bill Passes Changing Hemp Laws

On December 20 President Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (the 2018 Farm Bill) into law. This bill is very exciting for us, because it removed CBD and hemp from the Controlled Substances Act and will allow even more research into hemp and CBD and greater cultivation and farming of hemp. While hemp […]