What To Do When Dogs Eat Holiday Treats

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What To Do When Dogs Eat Holiday Treats

This holiday season, while visions of gumdrops and sugarplums dance above your head, those same treats can pose a threat to your dog. Whether your pup eats something off of the list of forbidden foods, or they have an upset tummy from eating tinsel or other decorations, these holistic remedies can help get your pup […]

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Introducing Anxious Pets to New People

The holidays are a time to come together. You may be traveling, or family and friends may be coming to your home. Your pet may be introduced to strangers, new smells, and even other pets, no matter what your situation Meeting new people might be routine to your pet. But if you have a pet […]

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Which Holiday Table Scraps are Safe for Dogs

Although you may not feed your dog table scraps normally, the holidays are a time when some people indulge their pets from the table. We all want to share the holidays with our pets and give them a special dinner, but before you feed Fido from the table, there are some foods to watch out […]

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Pet anxiety during holiday and New Year’s Eve fireworks

“10…9…8…7….” Can you feel the tension? “6… 5… 4…” Your dog certainly can. Because in 3 seconds, when the clock strikes midnight one New Year’s Day, fireworks will begin (that is, if they haven’t already been going off.) “3… 2… 1… HAPPY NEW YEAR!” According to a 2015 study published in Applied Animal Behavior Science, […]

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Is it legal to bring CBD on a plane?

If you are traveling with your petthis holiday season, you will want to keep your pet calm. One of the best ways to keep your pets calm and relaxed on trips is with CBD – but is it legal to bring on a plane? Will TSA or a drug dog search you because of your […]

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How to Spot Anxiety in Cats

by Krista Lyons Everyone is familiar with the signs of an anxious dog. Panting, pacing, barking – all par for the course. But with cats, anxiety can be harder to spot. For a long time, I thought my cat Henri was just a jerk. He would tear up the carpet under any closed door (much […]

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Some heroes wear camo, some wear collars

Veterans Day is when we honor and thank veterans for their service and sacrifice. Our servicemen and women make sacrifices every day, and right beside them are military dogs. Military dogs serve around the world. Although you may have heard of military dogs, you might be surprised to learn these 3 facts about military dogs […]

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How to dose CBD Oils for Your Pets

When you get your CBD pet products, you might have questions about the right dosage. After all of the research and all of the thought you put into making the right choice for your pet, it still may seem a little bit confusing. It is important to remember, that every pet is different, so every […]

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Press Release: CBD Dog Health Releases Cat Line at KittyCon in Tampa

CBD Dog Health released a new line of all-natural cat products at KittyCon in Tampa on Oct. 27. The cat-specific products unveiled at KittyCon, which mirror the company’s popular line of dog products, include CALM, EASE, and HEAL CBD oil, as well as Freeze Dried Salmon and Freeze Dried Chicken Treats. “With the recent changes […]